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I suffered Thrombosis, I was a Chef and now I help people lead a Healthy Lifestyle.

Alfonso Rodriguez Chef
Alfonso Rodriguez Personal Trainer

Alfonso Rodriguez


Cook/ Pastry Chef (Escuela Hostelería de Cádiz, School of Hotel business in Cadiz)
Cook & Pastry Chef in Restaurants in London and Luxury Hotels.
Further training & Experience working amongst experts in the field of Gastronomics.


Sports, Weight-training, Energy Cycling & Just Pump Monitor/Trainer.
Monitor/Trainer in Gyms.
Further training with experts in the Fitness field.

Alfonso Rodriguez
The mind behind Gastronomy & Fitness

Each person has a story and with these words I will write you mine. I actually have enough to write a book :) but for the moment, I will just show you a few chapters, if you want to know more, then follow me.

Born in Ubrique, my beautiful village situated in the Cadiz Mountains. This is where craftsmen produce many valuable leather products. Leather of Ubrique.

I started to work at 18 years old in my fathers factory making leather products. He taught me, with a lot of affection, to produce things with lots of detail and a lot of value.

I want to say to him "many thanks for always being there for me as a father and my best friend.

In 2008 at the age of 30 and due to the crisis that hit Spain, I had to reinvent myself and begin my hospitality studies as a Chef / Pastry Chef.

Towards the end of 2014, while working as a Pastry Chef in a restaurant in London, situated in Piccadilly Circus and due to spending long periods of time on my feet, I suffered thrombosis in one of my legs…without knowing until weeks later, having returned to Spain for a few days, that this was a case of an illness called DVT, Deep Vein Thrombosis caused by a Thrombi, to which I could have died. After being informed of my condition, I then spent a month injecting doses of Heparin (Injectable anticoagulant) day and night.

2015 was a difficult year. I returned to Spain to keep my illness (DVT) under control, which will accompany me, along with Sintrom (Oral anticoagulant), for the rest of my life along visits to the Health Clinic every few weeks to control the correct blood levels to prevent any future Thrombi’s.

This Thrombosis stopped me from standing long periods of time on my feet due my swollen leg and so I had no other choice but to leave my job of working in kitchens, being that such a profession spends many hours on your feet. Another complication that I have, is if I cut myself, it’s easier for me to bleed due to my blood being more diluted, If I bang or knock myself not even very hard, it causes bruising, my legs are heavier, etc…I have turned into a fragile person, ha ha ha, it’s best to deal with things in a humous way and always having a positive attitude.

After suffering Thrombosis I was detected a Rare Disease called Antiphospholipid Syndrome which generates certain ailments, such as chronic pain in my joints, extreme tiredness, mental fog, etc..

It’s very clear, that it was difficult to try and digest such news and how some of us feel, anxiety, sadness, worrying about knowing what to do, where to go….which all drove me to eat a very unhealthy diet such as lots of processed baked goods, sodas & soft drinks most of which were all loaded with sugar ( the so-called drug of the 21st century) and without doing any exercise (well sometimes but not continous) then slowly gaining weight until 23rd April 2016, I told myself, ‘enough!’

I had to change to a healthy lifestyle because my health was the most important, also I would never have been able to transmit these words and because I had the means to change. I had been a Fitness instructor and later a Cook/Pastry chef, so what better combination of passion to use them and look after my health and your health too.

With this, I want to say that, if I Can, YOU CAN..


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