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Month 62

From the start of my healthy lifestyle.

Take care of yourself to take care of others.

31 May 2021
Take care of yourself to take care of others.

There is no better satisfaction than being able to take care of others but for this it is necessary first to take care of yourself. This month I have enjoyed my walks with my MTB or Mountain Bike even more, in the middle of nature and doing less workout at home. Many times we lack motivation to do a specific sport, so as we have availability to use others, we take advantage and do it. The question is to always be healthy and active, regardless of where we are, without forgetting that eating a healthy food is essential. Remember; Everything tastes better #AtHomeWithGastronomyandFitness. Let´s go!!!

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  • Take care of yourself to take care of others.

    FOTO 1: A stop from time to time is necessary as at this time when I was taking the opportunity to eat a piece of fruit. In this case an apple, since it is a healthy food and it is delicious. Also the peculiarity of carrying a piece of fruit is that the heart of it, which we are not going to eat, we can throw away, since being organic, it decomposes very easily in the middle of nature.

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Having suffered thrombosis, I was a Chef and now I help others lead a healthy life-style, through nutrition and sport. I will assess you during this new way of life all the time that is necessary, while you develop your own knowledge, which will allow you to live a unique experience and change your life forever!

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