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Delicious and Healthy, Galician Chicken Wings

13 August 2020
  • Delicious and Healthy, Galician Chicken Wings

If you like Galician octopus, you will also like this version with chicken. Both are healthy meals but cooked differently, since both the octopus and the potatoes are cooked in water and these chicken wings are cooked in the oven and in their own juice. This meal can be done either for lunch or for dinner and is ideal after an intense workout both at home and in the gym or during another intense physical activity that you do, whether running, cycling, etc. Recipe for 2 people.

Ingredients: 1 Kg. Chicken Wings 3 Potatoes Sweet paprika Salt EVOO or Extra Virgin Olive Oil Elaboration:
  • STEP 1: The first of all is to marinate the chicken wings with salt, sweet paprika and EVOO or Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the night before. If you don't have time, you do it just before putting in the oven, which will have to be preheated to 200 degrees. Recipe for 2 people!

  • STEP 2: Peel and cut the potatoes as you can see in the photo and add salt.

  • STEP 3: Pour EVOO or Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the base of the tray. Then put the potatoes and then the chicken wings with all the maceration that we had. Remove the aluminum foil and this is how the chicken wings would be, that is, cooked and juicy inside.

  • STEP 4: A picture is worth a thousand words. You can eat them like this but in the next photo you can see and taste when you cook them, that they will be much better.

  • STEP 5: What makes chicken wings different is the crispiness of the skin. Note that in the previous photo it is cooked inside and its skin is soft since it has been cooked with its own juices. So you just have to put it back in the oven for 15 minutes at 230 degrees. You will tell me!

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