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Healthy fried chicken

18 October 2020
  • Healthy fried chicken

When we read or hear the word fried, many times, if not most, we associate it with a non-healthy meal when it is the other way around, if you cook of course, a good frying. Moreover, it does not mean that we can eat fried foods every day, but that we can do it from time to time, always activating our body through different physical activities. Recipe for 4 people. Everything tastes better #AtHomeWithGastronomyandFitness.

Ingredients: 1 Kg. Boneless chicken thighs Oregano Black pepper powder Salt 200 grs. Breadcrumbs 2 eggs 1 liter Sunflower Oil Elaboration:
  • STEP 1: In this case, I have used the meat of the chicken thighs, since as it contains a little more internal fat compared to the chicken breasts, it makes them more tender and juicy. When you go to the butcher shop, ask the butcher to remove the bones so you can cook them more easily at home. Chop the meat of the thighs to the size you want and pour into a bowl together with the oregano, pepper and salt.

  • STEP 2: In a plate add the eggs and beat with a fork. Then add the chicken.

  • STEP 3: Then go through the breadcrumbs.

  • STEP 4: Pour sunflower oil (this oil is neutral and will not add flavor to the chicken, since what we want to achieve is the flavor of the chicken together with the oregano and the pepper) in a pan, put it over high heat and when it starts to smoke this, add the chicken carefully, until frying. Remove from the oil and put on a plate in which we have previously placed kitchen paper to absorb the excess oil. You can enjoy it by itself or you can accompany it with the Chickpea Hummus (previous healthy recipe) or guacamole, whose recipe you will find in the healthy recipes section of this, our digital house. Everything tastes better #AtHomeWithGastronomyandFitness. Enjoy it!

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